Shroud of the Avatar - Player Town Party

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Discover a grand fantasy RPG from Richard Garriott, the maker of Ultima. Explore a persistent ancient world and discover its secrets, alongside your friends. Enjoy MMO like features including persistent housing, deep crafting, and player owned towns.

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This video is based on a community event. Special thanks go to all the participants who made it possible, and in particular to Ravalox, whose help was invaluable in providing the location, organizing and coordinating the collective activities.

Location: Player Owned Town - Darkshire Hills

Community members participating (in no particular order):

01. Obsidi an Tempest
02. Strahd
03. Tila Tenderfoot
04. Fiowyn Wyldemane
05. Oziel Bahroud
06. Merrik Dragon
07. Illiott
08. Cambria Stormlin
09. Rada Torment
10. Ravalox
11. Istyrl Miroa
12. Schneider DragonFang
13. Lavabomb Zamflardian
14. Grinchy Krabnevir
15. Stryker Sparhawk
16. Green Knight
17. Wereit
18. Balkoth
19. Engineer
20. Stella Moon
21. Wind Silvermoon
22. Drake Aedus
23. Liz The Wiz
24. Brazen Spirituality
25. Gavin Fhaergus
26. Dellakit
27. Amber Raine
28. Brogan Murphy

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