Community Livestream – Exploring Quel Shardfall

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For this Community Livestream, we’re going to be taking a stroll through the Release 52 scene of Quel Shardfall with Esteben “SorcerousSteve” Zaldivar and Dan “PlagueOfLocust” Brennan!

"The great Cataclysm from the shattering of the two moons happened hundreds of years ago and showered the land with meteors. The largest shards created huge areas of devastation called shardfalls. The influence of the Oracle is weak in these areas and Outlanders can slay each other at will (making it an Open PvP zone). After months of meteor showers one particularly large shard has been approaching steadily and has finally crashed.

The latest shardfall has obliterated North Quel Woods, and the Quel Shardfall has appeared in its place. Unlike other shardfalls that are hundreds of years old, this shardfall is so fresh that the ground is on fire, the air is thick with electricity that periodically discharges (ouch!), lava flows in places, and the amount of floating shards is staggering. The devastation of this new shardfall has exposed an ancient crypt, corrupting the resident lich and transforming him into a unique Obsidian Lich who uses Chaos Magic (much like the Chaos Daemon). Slaying the Obsidian Lich can reward you with a unique Obsidian Lich Helm."

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